About Me

I'm Stan Bush, President of Sales Training And Networking and 1973 Northside Eagle Graduate.  I help people network with other people. I also help them network with non-people stuff like phones, computers and the Internet. But you don't really want to be bored with that 'stuff' right now. You want to cut to the chase

How It's Been Thus Far 

 I've done some neat stuff in my life. I've enjoyed most of it. Some I haven't. I work a lot. I don't count hours very well. I'm more about productivity. I've run my own businesses, other people's businesses and even a segment of the Government's Business. I'm a guy that can get things done.

How I Think 

I know productivity is no longer in vogue. I'm OK with that. It's going to make a strong comeback.

What Am I Focused On

Meeting and greeting your customers in your online community. Making sure they feel like they are in a trusted environment. I achieve that by welcoming them into the community, just as you would into your house. I show them where the kitchen, bathroom, and playrooms are. I introduce them to each other. I start conversations, and break up fights. I treat them like you would. They are important assets to your business. I help you protect them.  You can find out more about that by looking around the site.

Other things I consider noteworthy: 

I have been married for 30 years. I know how to listen.
I have four kids. Two have graduated from college, one manages a business, and the other is still in high school.  I love my family and they love me. We're proud of each other and that's that.

I know how to lead. 

I successfully lost weight, controlled blood sugar, and had a diagnosis of Diabetes reversed. I know how to commit. At 57 I just ran my first half marathon. I know how to implement a plan.  I have alot of experience, in a lot of areas. If I can assist you with your project, it will be because I believe that I can help. If that's something you want, please contact me. Or you can add Stan Bush on Google+

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