Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We're Hiring!

Hey Northside Eagle Fan!!! How would you like to help with this website and make a little money?  We are looking for someone to add events to the Calendar for the site.  This is a paid position, working from home.  You will need a computer with an Internet Connection, and the ability to manage your own time, projects, and content.   Although it would be nice to have the skill set to do all of the necessary tasks right out of the gate, it's more important to us that we find a person that we can depend on!!   You will not have to develop the website, write code, or learn anything too technical for this position.  It's pretty easy, and we will make videos to help guide you!  The skills that will be used in this job are:
  • Writing Descriptions for the events. When we say descriptions we mean "The Mighty Northside Eagles will be taking on those terrible Demons in the yearly showdown at the MAC on (date) etc.
  • Using Maps to give directions to the events. This is just a Google Map.. put in the address and it will make the map!
  • Using an online Google Calendar to add events to this page!
  • Uploading images to represent those events. (It would be great if you can create the images, but if not.. we can make them for you.
  • Create a list of upcoming events so you can tell us what images you will need! (see how that ties in so nicely to the thing above?)
  • Posting these events to Google+... which is pretty much automatic.  
  • Creating Google+ Hangouts for those events
We don't care WHEN you do it, as long as it gets done!  If you know someone who might be interested....then pass this along.  It is possible that this could turn into a full time position, however that will be up to the individual.  If that's not what you want... just say so!  We're easy!  Send an email to to find out more.  Or if you have a twitter account, send a tweet @northsideeagles and hashtag it with #northsideeagles and we will get back to you.

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