Friday, December 14, 2012

Gwendolyn Sell Sorrell Study Abroad

Gwendolyn Sell Sorrell Study Abroad - Beginning in 1989, Dr. Gwendolyn Sell Sorrell developed and directed Macon State’s Study Abroad Program and twice taught in the Regents’ Summer Study Abroad Program at Roehampton Institute in London. She agreed with John Keats that through books we travel “in the lands of gold.” She also insisted that our imaginary travels are richest when read within the context of real journeys. In her classrooms here and abroad, she expanded the minds and hearts of her students whose worlds and understandings have been significantly enlarged because of her teaching. The Gwendolyn Sell Sorrell Study Abroad Scholarship is designated to students participating in study abroad programs that have a 2.00 or higher GPA and have earned 30 credit hours. Preference is given to a student with financial need.

Any experience applying for scholarships or attending Macon State? Leave advice in the comments. 

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