Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Are The Different Online Picture Albums For?

With not much fanfare, I have launched the Northside Eagles Google+ Page, Community, and Website.  I've also launched the Northside Alumni Page and Alumni Community there.  Since doing that last week, there have been inquiries about setting up the sites for other Classes.  I'm glad you asked.

What About The Class of YYYY?

I will help ALL classes create their basic sites, and it is free. Each class will need an administrator. If you would like to start building a site for your class , just email northsideeagles@gmail.com and we will setup the framework. And we will help you with tutorials along the way.

Why We Are Doing This 

The truth is this project has always, and will always need more than a few people working on it. This project, by it's very nature, belongs to the Northside Community at large, and not one individual. The entire purpose of this project is to make it easier to find your friends and fellow graduates. For example this is the search for 1973 Northside Eagles.
This is a way to connect future generations with those in the past, including those who may even be the grandchildren of people you went to school with.

What's The Plan Stan? 

 Once your class site is created, you will have questions.  You can send the questions to us and we will create tutorials, demos, and other tools to help you. This is the first of those tutorials, and it is about the two albums that have been created for the Class of 1973. You can see these albums here - Class of 1973 and here - 1973 Eagles.

Thank You For Reading This

If you have taken the time to read this, I appreciate it. If you would like to help, please contact me . Since I have no control over who reads this, I don't know what kind of expertise you could lend to this project.  Just know that you have a talent that would be invaluable in this project. Even if it's just joining and supporting the sites as they come up.  You may even have someone you can suggest that could help.  Taking pictures, writing articles, creating graphics... there is a lot to do and any little bit helps. And it is a skillset that will help 'ANY one going forward'. This stuff is only going to increase.  Who knows, it might provide the skillset to your next career?

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